We enable investors and investment institutions to meet with translator-supported teleconferences from all over the world. All investors can connect directly to (you) investment and finance company teams with our interpreters. They will be able to meet with the consultants of investment companies and our professional translators via teleconference. For almost 80 years American Global Translation group has been meeting the communication challenges of a changing world. We fully understand that It is vital for all of us to keep pushing business forward. We bring you together with potential investors from all over the world with Telephone Translation and Voice (multi-person) Conference System.


The world’s largest and most well-known financial companies are categorized in this list. “GLOBAL INVESTMENT PLATFORM” brings together Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, Banks and the world’s best financial institutions with potential investors.


Global Search




Merrill Edge 5025 US Merrill Edge 888.637.3343
Zacks Trade 5026 US Zacks Trade 1 312-265-9406
TradeStation 5027 US TradeStation 00 1 954-652-7900
Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite 5028 US Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite 1 (888) 919-0022
Firstrade 5029 US Firstrade 1.718.961.6600
TD Ameritrade 5030 US TD Ameritrade 800-454-9272
E*TRADE 5031 US E*TRADE 800-387-2331
Ally Invest 5032 US Ally Invest 00 1 818-459-4591
Robinhood 5033 US Robinhood (650) 940-2700
Fidelity 5034 US Fidelity 800-343-3548
Charles Schwab 5035 US Charles Schwab 800-435-4000
Vanguard 5036 US Vanguard (727) 347-3132
Fidelity Investments 5037 US Fidelity Investments (727) 892-2034
American Funds 5038 US American Funds (727) 824-5475
JPMorgan 5039 US JPMorgan (727) 892-7433
The Vanguard Group 5040 US The Vanguard Group (727) 521-5701
T. Rowe Price 5041 US T. Rowe Price (727) 345-0500
BlackRock 5042 US BlackRock (727) 824-5475
Goldman Sachs 5043 US Goldman Sachs (727) 892-7433
Invesco 5044 US Invesco (727) 346-1060
PIMCO 5045 US PIMCO (727) 892-7409
Franklin Templeton 5046 US Franklin Templeton (727) 867-8675
Charles Schwab 5047 US Charles Schwab (727) 568-6510
Fidelity 5048 US Fidelity
Merrill Edge 5049 US Merrill Edge
TD Ameritrade 5051 US TD Ameritrade
SoFi Active Investing 5052 US SoFi Active Investing
Robinhood 5053 US Robinhood
Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite 5054 US Interactive Brokers IBKR Lite
TradeStation 5055 US TradeStation
Firstrade 5056 US Firstrade
eOption 5057 US eOption
Ally Invest 5058 US Ally Invest
You Invest by J.P.Morgan 5059 US You Invest by J.P.Morgan
Vanguard 5060 US Vanguard
Charles Schwab 5061 US Charles Schwab
Trading 212 5062 US Trading 212
5Paisa 5063 US 5Paisa
WealthFront 5064 US WealthFront
Acorns 5065 US Acorns
Schwab Mobile 5066 US Schwab Mobile
Stockpile 5067 US Stockpile
Stash 5068 US Stash
SigFig 5069 US SigFig
Fidelity 5070 US Fidelity
E*Trade 5071 US E*Trade
TD Ameritrade Mobile 5072 US TD Ameritrade Mobile
Robinhood 5073 US Robinhood
eToro 5074 US eToro
Plus500 5075 US Plus500
13. Funding Circle 5076 US 13. Funding Circle
10. TradingView 5077 US 10. TradingView
9. ETFmatic 5078 US 9. ETFmatic
4. Rally. Rd. 5079 US 4. Rally. Rd.
Robinhood 5080 US Robinhood
Stash 5081 US Stash
ThinkorSwim 5082 US ThinkorSwim
StockTwits 5083 US StockTwits
Acorns 5084 US Acorns
Stockpile 5085 US Stockpile
Schwab 5086 US Schwab 5087 US
Shapeshift-Crypto 5089 US Shapeshift-Crypto
EXMO-Crypto 5090 US EXMO-Crypto
Avatrade-Forex 5091 US Avatrade-Forex
Colmex Pro-Forex 5092 US Colmex Pro-Forex
Benzinga 5093 US Benzinga
Finviz 5094 US Finviz
Black Box 5095 US Black Box
EquityFeed 5096 US EquityFeed
Tradervue 5097 US Tradervue
TradingSim 5098 US TradingSim
Profitly 5099 US Profitly
Zacks 5100 US Zacks
Metastock 5101 US Metastock
Simpler Trading 5102 US Simpler Trading
Stockcharts 5103 US Stockcharts
Stock Horizon 5104 US Stock Horizon
TAS Market 5105 US TAS Market
E-Signal 5106 US E-Signal
Multicharts 5107 US Multicharts
Trade Ideas 5108 US Trade Ideas
TrendSpider 5109 US TrendSpider
Stocks2Trade 5110 US Stocks2Trade
MarketClub 5111 US MarketClub
TradingView 5112 US TradingView
Barchart 5113 US Barchart
Vectorvest 5114 US Vectorvest
Chartiq 5116 US Chartiq
Stock Rover 5117 US Stock Rover
Investing Daily 5118 US Investing Daily
Jigsaw Trading 5119 US Jigsaw Trading
Gurufocus 5120 US Gurufocus
TC 2000 5121 US TC 2000
4. Online Brokers 5122 US 4. Online Brokers
Ameritrade 5123 US Ameritrade
E-Trade 5124 US E-Trade
Speedtrader 5125 US Speedtrader
Lightspeed 5126 US Lightspeed
Ninjatrader 5127 US Ninjatrader
Motif 5128 US Motif
Venom 5129 US Venom
T3 Trading 5130 US T3 Trading
Investrade 5131 US Investrade
Metastock 5132 US Metastock
Marsco 5133 US Marsco
Tradestation 5134 US Tradestation
Sogotrade 5135 US Sogotrade
Cobra Trading 5136 US Cobra Trading
Tradingblock 5137 US Tradingblock
Zions Direct 5138 US Zions Direct
Generic Trade 5139 US Generic Trade
Fidelity 5140 US Fidelity
Centerpoint 5141 US Centerpoint
Int. Brokers 5142 US Int. Brokers
Tradovate 5143 US Tradovate
Ally Invest 5144 US Ally Invest
Tastyworks 5145 US Tastyworks
Ustocktrade 5146 US Ustocktrade
Choicetrade 5147 US Choicetrade
Wellstrade 5148 US Wellstrade
Seaport 5149 US Seaport
Questrade 5150 US Questrade
Stockcross 5151 US Stockcross
E-Option 5152 US E-Option
Firstrade 5153 US Firstrade
Motivewave 5154 US Motivewave
Tradexchange 5155 US Tradexchange
Just2Trade 5156 US Just2Trade
Wealthfront 5157 US Wealthfront
Betterment 5158 US Betterment
Robinhood 5159 US Robinhood
Public 5160 US Public
Webull 5161 US Webull
Acorns 5162 US Acorns
M1 Finance 5163 US M1 Finance
Zacks Trade 5164 US Zacks Trade
TD Ameritrade 5166 US TD Ameritrade
Fidelity 5167 US Fidelity
Vanguard 5168 US Vanguard
Compare United Kingdom UK Brokers 5169 EU Compare United Kingdom UK Brokers
Compare Guernsey Brokers 5170 EU Compare Guernsey Brokers
Compare Gibraltar Brokers 5171 EU Compare Gibraltar Brokers
Compare Greenland Brokers 5172 EU Compare Greenland Brokers
Compare Greece Brokers 5173 EU Compare Greece Brokers
Compare Isle Of Man Brokers 5174 EU Compare Isle Of Man Brokers
Compare Ireland Brokers 5175 EU Compare Ireland Brokers
Compare German Brokers 5176 EU Compare German Brokers
Compare France Brokers 5177 EU Compare France Brokers
Compare Belgium Brokers 5178 EU Compare Belgium Brokers
Compare Belarus Brokers 5179 EU Compare Belarus Brokers
Compare Liechtenstein Brokers 5180 EU Compare Liechtenstein Brokers
Compare Monaco Brokers 5181 EU Compare Monaco Brokers
Compare Czech Republic Brokers 5182 EU Compare Czech Republic Brokers
Compare Switzerland Brokers 5183 EU Compare Switzerland Brokers
Compare Austrian Brokers 5184 EU Compare Austrian Brokers
Compare Swedish Brokers 5185 EU Compare Swedish Brokers
Compare Spanish Brokers 5186 EU Compare Spanish Brokers
Compare Slovakian Brokers 5187 EU Compare Slovakian Brokers
Compare Slovenia Brokers 5188 EU Compare Slovenia Brokers
Compare Romanian Brokers 5189 EU Compare Romanian Brokers
Compare Portugal Brokers 5190 EU Compare Portugal Brokers
Compare Polish Brokers 5191 EU Compare Polish Brokers
Compare Lithuania Brokers 5192 EU Compare Lithuania Brokers
Compare Hungary Brokers 5193 EU Compare Hungary Brokers
Best Russian Brokers 5194 EU Best Russian Brokers
Compare Norwegian Brokers 5195 EU Compare Norwegian Brokers
Compare Netherlands Brokers 5196 EU Compare Netherlands Brokers
Compare Luxembourg Brokers 5197 EU Compare Luxembourg Brokers
Compare Iceland Brokers 5198 EU Compare Iceland Brokers
Compare Latvia Brokers 5199 EU Compare Latvia Brokers
Compare Albania Brokers 5200 EU Compare Albania Brokers
Compare Malta Brokers 5201 EU Compare Malta Brokers
Compare Croatia Brokers 5202 EU Compare Croatia Brokers
Compare Moldova Brokers 5203 EU Compare Moldova Brokers
Compare Italian Brokers 5204 EU Compare Italian Brokers
Compare Ukraine Brokers 5205 EU Compare Ukraine Brokers
Compare Greece Brokers 5206 EU Compare Greece Brokers
Compare Finland Brokers 5207 EU Compare Finland Brokers
Compare Denmark Brokers 5208 EU Compare Denmark Brokers
Compare Cyprus Brokers 5209 EU Compare Cyprus Brokers
Best Slovakian Brokers 5210 EU Best Slovakian Brokers
Best Bosnia Brokers 5211 EU Best Bosnia Brokers
Best Estonia Brokers 5212 EU Best Estonia Brokers
Best Serbian Brokers 5213 EU Best Serbian Brokers
Best Bulgarian Brokers 5214 EU Best Bulgarian Brokers
Compare Israeli Brokers 5215 EU Compare Israeli Brokers
Compare Turkey Brokers 5216 EU Compare Turkey Brokers
Compare Macedonia Brokers 5217 EU Compare Macedonia Brokers
Compare San Marino Brokers 5218 EU Compare San Marino Brokers
Compare Andorra Brokers 5219 ASIA Compare Andorra Brokers
Compare Mongolia Brokers 5220 ASIA Compare Mongolia Brokers
Compare Georgia Brokers 5221 ASIA Compare Georgia Brokers
Compare Armenia Brokers 5222 ASIA Compare Armenia Brokers
Compare Azerbaijan Brokers 5223 ASIA Compare Azerbaijan Brokers
Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) 5225 GULF Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) 5226 GULF Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)
Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE) 5227 GULF Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE)
Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) 5228 GULF Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE)
Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) 5229 GULF Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX)
Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) 5230 GULF Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME)
Compare Australian Brokers 5233 ASIA Compare Australian Brokers
Compare Pakistan Brokers 5234 ASIA Compare Pakistan Brokers
Compare Bangladesh Brokers 5235 ASIA Compare Bangladesh Brokers
Compare Vietnam Brokers 5236 ASIA Compare Vietnam Brokers
Compare Brunei Brokers 5237 ASIA Compare Brunei Brokers
Compare Japan Brokers 5238 ASIA Compare Japan Brokers
Compare New Zealand Brokers 5239 ASIA Compare New Zealand Brokers
Compare Samoa Brokers 5240 ASIA Compare Samoa Brokers
Compare Nepal Brokers 5241 ASIA Compare Nepal Brokers
Compare Singapore Brokers 5242 ASIA Compare Singapore Brokers
Compare Hong Kong Brokers 5243 ASIA Compare Hong Kong Brokers
Compare Malaysia Brokers 5244 ASIA Compare Malaysia Brokers
Compare South Korea Brokers 5245 ASIA Compare South Korea Brokers
Best Philippines Brokers 5246 ASIA Best Philippines Brokers
Best Thailand Brokers 5247 ASIA Best Thailand Brokers
Best Indian Brokers 5248 ASIA Best Indian Brokers
Best Indonesia Brokers 5249 ASIA Best Indonesia Brokers
Best Guam Brokers 5250 ASIA Best Guam Brokers
Best Virgin Islands Brokers 5251 ASIA Best Virgin Islands Brokers
Best Uzbekistan Brokers 5252 ASIA Best Uzbekistan Brokers
Best Turkmenistan Brokers 5253 ASIA Best Turkmenistan Brokers
Best Tonga Brokers 5254 ASIA Best Tonga Brokers
Best Tajikistan Brokers 5255 ASIA Best Tajikistan Brokers
Best Sri Lanka Brokers 5256 ASIA Best Sri Lanka Brokers
Best Solomon Islands Brokers 5257 ASIA Best Solomon Islands Brokers
Best Saint Kitts and Nevis Brokers 5258 ASIA Best Saint Kitts and Nevis Brokers
Best Saint Helena Brokers 5259 ASIA Best Saint Helena Brokers
Best Trinidad and Tabago Brokers 5260 ASIA Best Trinidad and Tabago Brokers
Best Jamacia Brokers 5261 ASIA Best Jamacia Brokers
Best Haiti Brokers 5262 ASIA Best Haiti Brokers
Best New Caledonida Brokers 5263 ASIA Best New Caledonida Brokers
Best Nauru Brokers 5264 ASIA Best Nauru Brokers
Best Cambodia Brokers 5265 ASIA Best Cambodia Brokers
Best Myanmar Brokers 5266 ASIA Best Myanmar Brokers
Best Bhutan Brokers 5267 ASIA Best Bhutan Brokers
Best Montserrat Brokers 5268 ASIA Best Montserrat Brokers
Best Micronesia Brokers 5269 ASIA Best Micronesia Brokers
Best Martinique Brokers 5270 ASIA Best Martinique Brokers
Best Marshall Islands Brokers 5271 ASIA Best Marshall Islands Brokers
Best Maldives Brokers 5272 ASIA Best Maldives Brokers
Best Macao Brokers 5273 ASIA Best Macao Brokers
Best Kyrgyzstan Brokers 5274 ASIA Best Kyrgyzstan Brokers
Compare Kazakhstan Brokers 5275 ASIA Compare Kazakhstan Brokers
Compare Guadeloupe Brokers 5276 ASIA Compare Guadeloupe Brokers
Compare Grenada Brokers 5277 ASIA Compare Grenada Brokers
Compare French Polynesia Brokers 5278 ASIA Compare French Polynesia Brokers
Compare Fiji Brokers 5279 ASIA Compare Fiji Brokers
Compare Barbados Brokers 5280 ASIA Compare Barbados Brokers
Compare Bermuda Brokers 5281 ASIA Compare Bermuda Brokers
Compare Bahamas Brokers 5282 ASIA Compare Bahamas Brokers
Compare Antigua and Barbuda Brokers 5283 ASIA Compare Antigua and Barbuda Brokers
Compare Anguilla Brokers 5284 ASIA Compare Anguilla Brokers
Compare Aruba Brokers 5285 ASIA Compare Aruba Brokers
Compare Costa Rica Brokers 5286 LATIN Compare Costa Rica Brokers
Compare Cook Islands Brokers 5287 LATIN Compare Cook Islands Brokers
Compare Cayman Islands Brokers 5288 LATIN Compare Cayman Islands Brokers
Compare Dominican Republic Brokers 5289 LATIN Compare Dominican Republic Brokers
eToro vs ICMarkets 5291 US eToro vs ICMarkets
eToro vs XTB 5292 US eToro vs XTB
eToro vs FPMarkets 5293 US eToro vs FPMarkets
ICMarkets vs eToro 5294 US ICMarkets vs eToro
ICMarkets vs XTB 5295 US ICMarkets vs XTB
ICMarkets vs FPMarkets 5296 US ICMarkets vs FPMarkets
XTB vs eToro 5297 US XTB vs eToro
XTB vs ICMarkets 5298 US XTB vs ICMarkets
XTB vs FPMarkets 5299 US XTB vs FPMarkets
FPMarkets vs eToro 5300 US FPMarkets vs eToro
FPMarkets vs ICMarkets 5301 US FPMarkets vs ICMarkets
FPMarkets vs XTB 5302 US FPMarkets vs XTB
CityIndex vs eToro 5303 US CityIndex vs eToro
CityIndex vs ICMarkets 5304 US CityIndex vs ICMarkets
CityIndex vs XTB 5305 US CityIndex vs XTB
Roboforex vs eToro 5306 US Roboforex vs eToro
Roboforex vs ICMarkets 5307 US Roboforex vs ICMarkets
Roboforex vs XTB 5308 US Roboforex vs XTB
Trading212 vs eToro 5309 US Trading212 vs eToro
Trading212 vs ICMarkets 5310 US Trading212 vs ICMarkets
Trading212 vs XTB 5311 US Trading212 vs XTB
Plus500 vs eToro 5312 US Plus500 vs eToro
Plus500 vs ICMarkets 5313 US Plus500 vs ICMarkets
Plus500 vs XTB 5314 US Plus500 vs XTB
Pepperstone vs eToro 5315 US Pepperstone vs eToro
Pepperstone vs ICMarkets 5316 US Pepperstone vs ICMarkets
Pepperstone vs XTB 5317 US Pepperstone vs XTB
easyMarkets vs eToro 5318 US easyMarkets vs eToro
easyMarkets vs ICMarkets 5319 US easyMarkets vs ICMarkets
easyMarkets vs XTB 5320 US easyMarkets vs XTB
XM vs eToro 5321 US XM vs eToro
Interpreter services
“GLOBAL FINANCE PLATFORM” brings together Stock Exchanges, Mutual Funds, Banks and the world’s best financial institutions with potential investors. It directs them to websites and stock market screens, offers opportunities for teleconferencing and trial investments. Sponsorship categories have been prepared for those who want to support the connections with all investors and promote at the highest level. We connecting will connect you with potential investors from anywhere in the world with the Over the Phone or Zoom Interpreting & Audio (multi-party-persons) Tele-Conference or Zoom Meeting System You can directly connect with the (you) investment and financial company teams with our translators and you (seeking) investors. You will be able to speak with our professional interpreters and callers and advisers of investment companies by teleconference.


Our First Services
With SEO services, our websites and global promotional activities direct potential investors to the investment companies’ web sites, exchange screens and to make trial investments. We will provide the opportunity to hold (supported by translator by all languages) teleconference meetings between them Over the Phone Interpreting & Audio (Triple) Conference Services Features Available in over 300 languages 24/7, 365 days a year. Investors can directly call sponsors – with the assistance of a translator in their chosen language – for free and with detailed information.
Our Second Service
With the “GLOBAL INTERPRETER Support Line” link to be connected on the websites of financial institutions; your customer representatives, experts and brokers (calling or wanted) will be able to speak to your customers in any language. Your prospects or registered customers who call you, with the “GLOBAL INTERPRETER Support Line” link, will receive free interpreter support from you.n over 300 languages 24/7, 365 days a year. Investors can directly call sponsors – with the assistance of a translator in their chosen language – for free and with detailed information.
Our Third Service
We install the FOREIGN CUSTOMER LINE- GLOBAL INTERPRETER LINE; on the Websites, Call Center, Mobil Phones and other Social Media instruments of sponsor and beneficiary. The FOREIGN CUSTOMER LINE – GLOBAL INTERPRETER LINE Services;
  • On your websites
  • At your Call Center and Telephone Exchange
  • On your mobile phone / WhatsApp / SMS
  • On your Business Chat system
  • Mailchimp-Constate Contact-Zendesk etc. email designs
  • Online / Written Promotion (business card- Brochures-Advertisements-Announcements- Posters-Newsletters etc.) in your documents
  • You can use it in your LinkedIn / YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Tweeter etc. social media activities.
Our fourth Servuce
Free Message “MY INVEST SUPPORT“ A Business chat system with All Languages. We install the most advanced “Business chat system free of charge on the websites of beneficiaries and sponsors. “Our Business chat system has translators for most languages, ready to translate your messages 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


"Click here to speak in all languages"