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What we offer

We offer many of the best Global Investment and Finance companies and global investment products and financing alternatives options. We have the comprehensive suite of investment products and services you need to turn your goals into reality. You can examine largest stock-commodities exchanges, investment enterprises and funds around the world websites, exchange screens.
Our “Global Finance Platform”, besides its extensive range of products including fixed-income securities, Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Fund Investments, equity share, futures and option market, many trading activities, such as Forex, CFDs, Indices trading, mutual funds, Stock-bond-Commodities trading, and metals and alternative-special portfolio and Islamic-Sharia indexed products and leveraged trade, shares it experience and in other services such as investment and project financing. You can use our global support systems that provide interpreter-supported services in all languages for Contact with the best Global Investment and Finance companies. We have extensive knowledge in the technical requirements and strategies of building and maintenance of call-interpreter-teleconference-chat messages powered communications in all languages. For almost 80 years American Global Translation group has been meeting the communication challenges of a changing world. We fully understand that It is vital for all of us to keep pushing business forward.

Our Goal

• Providing services with an expansive network and active global investment platform and communication supports, our Group aims to understand the needs of investors and provide the best solutions, while striving to accompany our customers on a lifelong investment journey.
• All world stock – commodity exchanges, securities companies, investment funds, banks and all financial enterprises and to carry investment products and jobs from to potential regional and global platforms “INVESTORCONNECTUS” Investor Connection Line offers all investment companies and investors with excellent opportunities.
MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” applications provide investors with the sponsorship of the largest and the most reliable stock exchanges, banks and investment funds “FREE OF CHARGE”, presenting excellent opportunities to maximize the returns of the investors and to establish their investments in a secure, practical and convenient manner.
• You can choose from the list provided, what company and service or product you would like to get information on, and any interpretation assistance you need from the list.
Our entire team is 100% focused on our investors and financial investment institutions. Based on feedback and experience, we are always striving to deliver a better customer experience and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.
Our main goal is to give investors and financial investment institutions the best chance at success and to develop long-term relationships with our customer base. We listen to our customers and provide the highest level of attention to the common objectives of accomplishing their own goals.

Who are We?

Global Finance Platform& US Share Fund & Global Trade& GulfUS Capital, InvestorconnectUS & Myinvestsupport Group, draws upon years of investment experience to aid investors in navigating today’s complex financial and investment markets environment.
Founded in 1995, the Group has helped individuals and institutions build wealth, earn income, preserve capital and achieve their financial goals for more than twenty years. We are long-term, values-based, and socially responsible consultant group for investors and investment institutions.
We provide AFFILIATE Marketing service for the promotion and connection of investment and financial products of financial institutions to the world investors.
We provide secure payment consultancy with the ESCROW payment system in all purchase and sale transactions.
We adopt the principle of integrity as a core value and strictly follow our ethics standards. We build long-standing customer-partner relationships with our financial consultancy and support services. We consider our clients’ and partners – sponsors and beneficiaries’ priorities and set strategic goals to meet their financial or investment needs. We also aim to create a new level of investment opportunities to value the inactive savings for the alternative investment products of the world..
We appreciate your interest in our services