All stock exchange and commodity exchanges, investment funds and financial enterprises are in a race to provide the fastest information to potential clients directly and to make effective promotions.

As several potential investors; do not know about the most profitable, the most attractive, newest and alternative stock exchange and investment products and they do not know you, cannot contact you directly, cannot get in touch with you in their own language they need support.  

Services Provided By “E-Trade & Investing Platform” for INVESTMENT Institions

The world’s largest and most well-known financial companies are categorized in this list.

– Interpreter support services to bring together the best Investors in the world and talk with all world Investors.

– Affiliate Marketing For Financial Intuition’s to trade the best financial products

– Consultancy services to investors and investment institutions

Interpreter services
We install the “FOREIGN CUSTOMER LINE”on the websites of sponsor and beneficiary companies. This link on your website will open you up to the world.

 Social media instruments have made it easier to serve clients all across the globe as well as to carry out purchase/sale transactions.

 75% of people prefer to buy products in their own languages? Majority of the people never buy products from the websites presented only in English (or local languages)!

There are 55 million foreign nationals living in the U.S., and there are large groups of potential clients reaching hundreds of millions of people-potential investors- who want to know the financial products available in the U.S. from all countries other than the U.S.

First of all, directing these potential clients in your way and providing information to them in their own languages will give you important opportunities.


How much more would you generate with more translation?

Research firm Common Sense Advisory suggests that when someone reads your product or service information in their preferred language, they’re much more likely to buy.

Investing in the Changing Demographic Landscapes

In the US and Europe, ongoing immigration and globalization trends drive change. E-Trade & Investing Platform is an international, multilingual investment and investor support platform

How Can You Benefit from E-Trade & Investing Platform Services?

We believe that successful trading starts with excellent platforms, professional trading specialists and top trading conditions.

Global trading indices allow you to diversify your investment tools and invest in the world’s major financial centers.

Our partners specialize in many trading activities, such as Forex, CFDs, Indices trading, mutual funds, Stock-bond-Commodities trading, and metals.

With our platform, you can trade the world’s leading indices (bourses) including stock trading, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, JSE and much more.

How Can You Benefit from E-Trade & Investing Platform Services?

In order to reach the global investors in all languages,

 Application is made as explained below;

1- With the application form available on the website;

Register the information of your financial enterprise, your website that introduces your investment products, the links for your website and exchange screen links, direct contact numbers for your experts that may provide information and your trial investment fund link.

2- Installation of the business chat system on the websites of sponsor companies

3- Determine E-Trade & Investing Platform service plan that you would like to purchase provided below.

Only sponsors are directed to investors. Sponsorship plans are as follows.

For Sponsorship


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