With the rapid spread of the Corona Virus around the world, everyone’s health was almost upset. In most health-related situations, clear and concise communication is a prerequisite if you want to treat and care for your patient effectively in most places too. Access to interpreting services is mandatory and compliance is mandatory.
Hundreds of millions of people in every country speak languages ​​other than English, and the demand for qualified medical translators is more than ever.
For nearly 80 years, our American Global Translation group has been meeting the communication challenges of a changing world.
Global Translator Services offers the following complete solutions for language access to all Healthcare Organizations.
To seamlessly connect Patients with Limited English Proficiency with medical translators, quickly and securely;
Global Interpreter Line and Zoom-Over-the-Phone Interpreting services for healthcare institution websites and telephone exchanges, physicians and healthcare professional’s mobile phones Our On-Demand VRI can often further reduce the risk of appointment being late or missed by interpreters and eliminates physical exposure to patients in sensitive medical settings.
With high-speed connections to more than 300 languages ​​supported through the platform, all foreign patients will better understand their health status, recommended healthcare solutions, and outcomes.

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