Gold Sponsorship


10000 min./yearly, 5000 min./6 monthly, 2500 min./3 monthly

1-Gold Sponsorship- Beneficiary of Yearly Quota and all Services  ; on the MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line”, on the SEO supported web sites, promotional presantations and online documents, (in the secont position and in the ranking of beneficiaries ) will receive the highest visibility  recognition  with the their logo and title for only. This is avantages for only yearly and 6 monthly Gold Sponsors and  Benficiaries

2- WordPress SEO services for getting more traffic to your websites, Stock Exchanges- Screens and your investment products with the our MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line”.

3-Potential investors and traders will see your websites and Stock Exchanges- Screens and your investment products first with our on the MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” global promossion programs

4- Will be registered on the “Investment Support Line” contact phones the your 3 (three) brokers and consultants for investors’ free calls.


5- Will be provided (10000 min./yearly, 5000 min./6 monthly, 2500 min./3 monthly quota for investors or candidates to meet with your consultants , minute quota of free online teleconference and interpreter support in all languages , free international phone calls.

Note: You have the right to use your minute quota + extra 1 % free minutes (for connections)
for free telephone teleconference and telephone and interpreter connections.
7– We install the professional chat system on your website for free.

With this business chat system;

a– Unlimited chat with the investor candidates for Platinium Sponsors-Beneficiaries will be
provided in all languages. All social media and communication tools will be online.
b– According to your sponsorship-membership, you can use it free professional chat system of
charge for 12–6-3 monthly with the two (2) consultant or broker for investors to get information.
c– This business chat system; will easily read incoming messages in all foreign languages.

He will write, a reply in English or other national languages. Your post will be either

professionally translt to the customer.ated before sending i

d- Your customer service team will be able to handle customers around the world in their native language


8- When the quota is exceeded (with the consent of the beneficiaries), another 12- 6 or 3-monthly is renewed new quotas.


We install the INTERPRETER CONNECT “Click here to speak in all languages”APP on the websites of sponsor companies.

All foreign customers or personnel who visit the website of the sponsor company will be able to speak with the assistance of translators in any language they need.


To overcome the minutes in your plan? Auto Renew keeps your campaigns running and initiates a new billing cycle for the current plan.


Upgrade or downgrade any plan from the portal. No bureaucracy when you need to make changes.


Pay only for successful connections. Play time, no answer, busy, not connected, etc. There is no charge for.


When you choose a Gold, Diamond or Platinum plan, unused minutes go to the next billing cycle.

9- Offered of 3% discount sponsorship-membership service fee for second year.

10- Sponsor-member-Investment companies (if they wish)will be able to register our MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” logo on their own websites for meet their phone calls in any language with their customers.

11- Payment method for sponsorships;

a- All quota minutes and service charges are transferred to the Escrow agency bank account by credit card-paypal or bank transfer.

b- The depository company protects the beneficiary’s account in the bank. It transfers the service fee to the service provider every 1 month (or when their quota runs out).

c-Escrow company transfers its fees to the service provider when the user cancels the service before it expires. Only 10% service charges are transferred to the service provider.

In the event that technical problems arising from the e-service provider are not notified to the beneficiary, the fee payment is suspended. When the technical problem is complete, the remaining service quota charges are transferred to the service provider.

For Contact: 800-808-2761 , Whatsapp Mobile +1.973-938-2039,,,