Global coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on families, institutions, social and commercial activities and all financial markets.

Now it is time to indemnify the losses and to recover.

All stock exchange and commodity exchanges, investment funds and financial enterprises are in a race to provide the fastest information to potential clients directly and to make effective promotions.

Social media instruments have made it easier to serve clients all across the globe as well as to carry out purchase/sale transactions.

75% of people prefer to buy products in their own languages?

Majority of the people never buy products from the websites presented only in English (or local languages)!

There are 55 million foreign nationals living in the U.S., and there are large groups of potential clients reaching hundreds of millions of people who want to know the financial products available in the U.S. from all countries other than the U.S.

First of all, directing these potential clients in your way and providing information to them in their own languages will give you important opportunities

The availability of the clients’ own languages will show your respect towards them and improves their trust in your brand.

Can you hire minimum 20 customer services representatives each speaking a different language?

As several potential investors;

do not know about the most profitable, the most attractive, newest and alternative stock exchange and investment products and they do not know you,

• cannot contact you directly,

• cannot get in touch with you in their own language

• they need support.

To eliminate the job losses regarding stock – commodity exchanges, securities companies, investment funds, banks and all financial enterprises and to carry investment products and jobs from a local platform to potential regional and global platforms;

“INVESTORCONNECTUS” Investor Connection Line

offers you with excellent opportunities.

“INVESTORCONNECTUS” Investor Connection Line

offers you with excellent opportunities.


MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” applications provided to the investors -FREE OF CHARGE- with the sponsorship of the largest and the most reliable stock exchanges, banks and investment funds, provide support services for you to reach out to potential investors all around the globe and to introduce your investment products.

Our MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” Translator Network provides access to thousands of professionally certified (competent in financial matters) translators around the world and supports more than 300 languages.

MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” directs potential investors to the websites and exchange screens of the Stock Exchange investment funds introduced to the potential investors all around the globe with SEO services, provide them with the opportunity to hold teleconference meetings directly with experts and brokers and to make trial investments.

We provide bilateral service.

Our first services ;
With our websites and global promotional activities;

MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” directs potential investors to the web sites and exchange screens of the Stock Exchange investment funds introduced to the potential investors all around the globe with SEO services, provide them with the opportunity to hold (translator supported by all languages) teleconference meetings directly with experts and brokers and to make trial investments.

Our second services;

With the MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” link to be provided on the websites of financial institutions; your customer representatives, experts and brokers (calling or wanted) will be able to speak to your customers in any language. Your prospects or registered customers who call you, with the MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” link; they will receive free translator support from you.

All potential investors around the world;


can do the following FREE OF CHARGE

1. Review the websites of the stock exchanges and investment enterprises registered in the system and get to know your products,

2. Click on the Exchange Screen link and track your Exchange screen

3. Get in touch with your experts – directly – from the link where you can get information via phone.

4. Click on the option for the language of their choice from the Translator Support link and talk to your expert via a three-way teleconference.

5. We install the most advanced Business Chat system free of charge on the websites of beneficiaries and sponsors.

Chat with your experts in the language of their choice from the Business Chat link.

6. Make free trial investments in the exchange and investment funds that they are interested in

7. Financial companies will place our MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” logo on their websites, and all foreign investors will receive free translators support in any language.

8. Investors will be able to complete forms for the investment support consultancy services that they request

You can review our “Investment Support Line” services on our website

You can get detailed information from the call center

“MY INVEST SUPPORT INVESTMENT SUPPORT” LINE SERVICES “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE Services is promoting in digital markets with its one-on-one conversation with teleconference, interpreter support and the opportunity to chat in any language.


Our “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE Services system is specially designed to provide Telecommunication (Call Center) and Interpreter-Translation Services between multiple countries and multiple languages.

Main Components of the system:

1.Call Center:

• Investors and traders can call anywhere in the world to “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES beneficiary all financial institues .

• If a translation service is needed, an investors and traders will be able to call a toll-free number and invite a translator into conversation.

• A prospective investor will be able to call a designated our “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE Services call center number and reach their experts and brokeres for beneficiary all financial institues.

If a translation service is needed, then agent can invite a translator into the conversation.

• Each investor and trader will have an extension var internal calling free of charge

2.Interpreter-Translation Services:

Our “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE Services System will provide translation services for many of the world spoken languages. At any time during a conversation between the adviser-broker-expert and the investors-traders-clients, if any translation need arises, clients and advisers will be able to conference in a third-party translator.


“MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES has the most advanced interpretation delivery platform! The “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES Professional Interpreter Network provides access to literally thousands of professionally certified interpreters worldwide and supports over 300 languages. The (“MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES-OPI) system is built upon the most advanced telephonic communication software systems available for Interpreting communications today. This is very affordable telephonic/”MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES-OPI service platform available for stock exchanges, brokers, consultants, traders and investors.

Any Phone;

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES’s interpretation service is available wherever there is a telephone connection.

Interpreter App;

With the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES interpretation app, you can connect to interpreters through your tablet or smartphone!

(“MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES-OPI) system extends support for the fastest the mobile universe including all Android and IOS devices. There is simply no barrier to interpreter access anymore for our beneficiaries . From traditional analog landlines to smartphones, tablets and iPads.

Financial companies will place our MYINVESTSUPPORT “Investment Support Line” logo on their websites, and all foreign investors will receive free translators support in any language.

3. Free Message- “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system with All Languches We install the most advanced “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system free of charge on the websites of beneficiaries and sponsors.

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system, is an excellent tool for keeping your new -foreign investor customers happy.

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system, has translators for most languages, ready to translate your messages 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Using“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system, you will be able to read incoming customer messages in any language quickly.

This is usually enough to understand what the customer wants. If you cannot understand the machine-translated post, you can always used a professional translation with a single click.

You can then type in a reply in English (or in your language), and when you send it, the response either sent to a professional translator or machine translated, so that your customers receive your message in their own language.

From the customer’s point of view, it will appear as if they are dealing with someone who speaks their language. Using customers own language shows your respect for them and builds trust for your brand.

Consider this example; you need to serve customers speaking 20 languages. Are you able to hire 20 customer service agents whom each speak different languages?

What if you could just hire a team of English-speaking customer service agents, who can communicate in any language using Investor Support Platform integration? You probably wouldn’t need to hire 20 people, like in the example above, you might be able to serve all your customers with just two-three people!

*Easily read incoming messages in foreign languages

*Write a reply in English. Your post will be either professionally or machine translated before sending it to the customer

*English(or in your language) speaking customer service team will be able to handle customers around the world in their native language

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES has translators for most languages, ready to translate your messages 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Our “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES and apps provide a great opportunity to maximize target potential investors returns and keep trading easy and simple.

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system

You get the opportunity to chat with your investors-customers wherever they are, so you never lose another investors-customer once they leave your website.

Instant Callbacks team up with “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system

The chat widget is excellent for accompanying potential foreign investors and customers throughout your website. Phone calls are perfect for completing transactions.

Now these two technologies are combined into one solution.


Approximately 70% of chats begin with automatic messages called “proactive invitations.” To maximize their effectiveness, you can create custom and potential foreign investors messages throughout different pages of your website.

For example, you can set up a greeting on one page, and mention a promotion you are having on another.

Monitor your business

With the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system Admin Panel, you’re always informed of what is happening on your website. You can monitor in real time the status of your agents from all your websites and get relevant reports, statistics, and more.

Increase your performance

An agent using “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system can easily handle 5 chats simultaneously. Compare this to an agent without “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system: they can only help one customer and potential foreign investors at a time on the phone. Our chat tool allows you to cover a wider potential audience, grow your business, and increase your team’s productivity.

who your visitors and potential investors are

In the Visitor Monitor of the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system Application, you can see who is on your website, where they came from, and what page of your site they are currently viewing.

The more communication channels, the better

To increase sales, new customers and potential foreign investors communication channels are needed. “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system and partner groups them together in one place for you. Messages from Facebook, Viber and Telegram come directly to the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system App and are distributed among your agents. This minimizes the time it takes you to respond, leading to happier customers and potential foreign investors.

Invite other team members to join chats

Besides transferring chats, it’s also possible to have group chats with customers and potential foreign investors. This feature is useful when you need a colleague’s input but don’t want to leave the conversation.

Message and call history are archived

Have all your communication history backed up. You can easily reference your archives and continue conversations at any time.

Increase the number of mobile payments

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system for mobile has all the same features as the original “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business“MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system. Clients and potential foreign investors can easily reach you with just a few taps and initiate Callbacks increasing your chance at making sales.

Engage your visitors immediately with Callback

Do what live chat can’t: give your website visitors the option to talk to a team member on the phone within 30 seconds or less. Have them enter their phone number and interact with them instantaneously.

Get on the phone with clients in 30 seconds or less

1. After a visitor requests a Callback, all your agents’ phones ring at once.


2. When one of the agents answers the call, all other phones stop ringing and “MY INVEST SUPPORT “Business chat system calls the visitor.

3. The agent who answered the call first is connected with the visitor. Talk on the phone and message in-chat at the same time Callback works with chat so that you can take a call and recommend a product while sending documents, attachments, and links to your visitors. This well-rounded customer service experience gives you a higher chance at closing sales right over the phone.

Receive calls

on mobile…… in the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES Chat app …… on SIP-phone Accept and answer calls in the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE SERVICES Chat app or on a SIP phone connected to your IP-PBX .
For on-the-go teams: send calls directly to your mobile phone.

Note; that you need an active “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE SERVICES Beneficiaries and Sponsorship Account and a one yearly or 6 monthly subscription to use the application.

Our call center , online interpreter support and business chat system network will only be connected to beneficiary and contracted Stock Exchanges, Banks, Funds and securities companies.

Sponsoring financial institutions pay the fees of “MY INVEST SUPPORT” LINE SERVICES. Potential customers benefit from these services for free.

The broad purpose of this “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE SERVICES is to strengthen and expand (with the fastest speed and interpreter support) trade and investment between the United States-Canada and other all Countries Stock Exchange Markets and potential investors.


Over-the-Phone Interpreting and teleconferences with “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE System

Step 1

Investors clicks toll-free call link to talk your advisor from “MY INVEST SUPPORT” LINE Services website INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Menu;

Step 2

Investors clicks on the “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE Services web site toll-free interpreter link Calling investors are asked -with online message from this link-which language interpreter they want

Step 3

“MY INVEST SUPPORT” LINE SERVICES call center operator connects to the translator within seconds. We offer more than 100 languages.

Step 4

Triple teleconference is starting within seconds. With your consultant, investor and interpreter.

Step 5

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE SERVICES system connects your advisers or brokers to the interpreter; your conversation proceeds.

“MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE SERVICES facilitate quick connection times across all languages.

Step 6

As soon as you’re connected to an interpreter and your advisers, member-sponsor-beneficiary special minute quota begins.