‘Earning Opportunity for Asset Owners and Investors’


GTP (Global Token Platform) is currently in the process of developing a platform designed to tokenize real-world assets valued at $250 trillion. These token platforms have gained popularity among investors seeking price stability and regulated stablecoins and are listed on over Crypto -Coin-Token exchanges and e-trade – broker companies.

Through GTP, an asset can be represented by millions or even billions of tokens through tokenization, creating fractional ownership that can be traded on a variety of accessible exchanges.

Tokenization unlocks liquidity and investment opportunities by converting real-world assets into digital tokens on blockchain platforms, simplifying the buying, selling, and trading of assets.

GTP serves as your go-to-market partner for asset owners looking to digitize their assets, providing comprehensive services throughout the token issuance and sale processes.

These services encompass uploading supporting documents, creating smart contracts, structuring and issuing tokens, allocating brokers, managing investor subscriptions, processing subscriptions and payments, distributing capital, and overseeing token management.

The GTP platform offers cross-country services and maintains partnerships with regulated token exchanges.

Asset categories with the highest trading volume for our Asset-Backed Tokens include:

1. Real Estate Assets: Physical real estate assets like residential or commercial properties, lands, business centers, retail spaces, industrial properties, multifamily housing, hospitality properties, hotels, and real estate projects.

Real Estate Token


2. Financial Instruments: Bonds, stocks, sukuk, mutual funds, and portfolios.

Financial Instruments Token

3. Metals and Minerals: Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, copper, steel, aluminum, iron, nickel, and more.