We provide secure payment consultancy with the Escrow payment system in all purchase and sale transactions.You can establish credibility with buyer-seller parties, as Escrow system is supported by the most trusted, licensed online escrow service in the world.

We provide secure payment consultancy with the Escrow payment system in all purchase and sale transactions.

Escrow payment system is fast becoming the world’s most prevalent method of performing online transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, the appeal of Escrow lies not only in the incomparable safety and security features it provides the user but also within the simplicity of the process.

The buyer uses the secure online system established by Escrow to transfer the funds for the merchandise, and the seller is notified that they money is in a holding account waiting for them to fulfill their obligations as agreed in step 1.

The seller ships the item and provides tracking information to Escrow.

The buyer has a specified time period to accept the item and advise Escrow that this has been accepted. If the seller rejects the item it is at this point that a dispute will be raised and Escrow will be required to act as a third party for resolution.

Once the merchandise has been accepted by the purchaser, Escrow release the funds to the seller and the transaction is complete.

Escrow provides enormous benefits to both buyers and sellers no matter what area of ​​online trading they’re involved in.

Escrow system removes all elements of doubt on the behalf of a buyer that their money will be spent exactly as intended.

Money isn’t released to the seller until they are satisfied with the goods and shipping and delivery are tracked by the third party which ensures that no items ‘go missing’ once a buyer has made their payment

With Escrow system, there is no need to rely on trusting a stranger to complete your online transactions. It provides a safe and secure third party environment which will ensure that your all buying and selling take place worry-free and with ease.

In a nutshell Escrow system is a trusted third party that collects funds and disburses them when both parties involved in an online transaction are satisfied that all terms and conditions have been met

You can establish credibility with buyer-seller parts, as Escrow system is supported by the most trusted, licensed online escrow service in the world.You can fill out the form in the application menu.


All quota minutes and services fees is transferred to Escrow agency bank account by credit card-paypal or wire-zelle bank transfer.

a-For Investor and Customers Place these articles and the Application link below

b- Escrow Company protects the beneficiary’s account at the bank. Transfers service fees every 1 months to the service provider.

c-The escrow lawyer transfers all fees to the service provider when the beneficiary cancels the service before the time expires

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