The Global Token Platform (GTP) has developed tokens for six major sectors (Real Estate, Energy, Industry, Agriculture, Finance, and others) with a total value of $250 million, amounting to $1.5 billion in total.

These tokens are tailored and tokenized to attract investors with sector-specific assets. We also have the capacity to fulfill other tokenization demands from investors.

Our ICO Tokenization Offering program consists of two phases:

A- Special token structuring offer for sectoral asset owners. This offer is available to all sectoral investors interested in tokenizing their assets.

B- Investment partnership offering for the Global Asset Token Platform. This offer is open to Venture Capital, Investment funds, and individual investors.

*To share information and documents with investors interested in GTP investment partnership; CONTACT FORM

*For individuals and organizations who want to tokenize their assets; ASSET OWNERS APPLICATION FORM;

*For those who want to invest in asset tokens; CUSTOMER/INVESTOR APPLICATION FORM;

Please note that these forms are used for preliminary evaluation purposes and your information will be kept confidential.

Asset-Based Global Token Platform provides advisory services to connect asset owners and potential investors through algorithm-based matching.

Once the assets of the asset owners are recorded and placed in escrow, the tokenization processes begin.

Subsequently, once the tokens are listed and published on the relevant blockchain platforms, the process of buying, selling, financing and transferring tokens between application token holders and beneficiaries will be facilitated.