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Financial Planning & Structuring Information and Support Services with professional experts for those living in the USA or investors from other countries who want to invest in the USA.

*Investment project planning for investment E2-E5 visas

*Financing structuring to open a franchise store

*Personal, Family and Spousal IRA Retirement investments

*Purchasing homes and businesses with 24 types of Mortgage applications

*Those who do not live in the USA purchase real estate in the USA in exchange for their financial assets. Mortgage Re-finance.

*Refinancing under better conditions for mortgage users

*Using HELOC financing in exchange for a prepaid down payment and accrued loan payments on your mortgage.

* Life Insurance Planning,

* Using credit for dental implants, veneers, braces, child birth and other special services that are not covered by insurance

*Structuring a Trust/Wakf/Family Fund for asset protection and succession planning.

* Investment options that meet halal criteria

* Physical or Online Gold/Silver investment and IRA accounts

*Investing in safe-corporate licensed REIT Real Estate projects

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Within the scope of the information and application form on our websites,, www,, and YouTube channel; Our consultancy services, which include the search for alternative financial institutions that best suit the demands, needs and conditions of interested parties in the financial and investment field, and the documents, transactions requested by these institutions, and translation and translation support with relevant institutions, are “not an investment or investor offer.”

There is no guarantee as to the accuracy or currency of the information provided on these websites and YouTube channels. No investment decisions should be made based on this information without considering your financial situation and risk tolerance.

By meeting with the persons or companies requesting the services in the application form, they are directed to legal bank-insurance companies and mortgage-reference lenders, investment funds and institutions and licensed-professional consultants regarding these issues. The beneficiary is supported for the procedures and documents requested by these organizations and experts.

This disclaimer provides an informative explanation of the nature and limitations of financial advisory services and emphasizes that these services are not investment advice or offers.