“Asset-BACKED GLOBAL TOKEN`S”” Platform, which provides ‘Financing to Asset Owners and Income to Investors,’ Risk-Free-Safe-Profitable-Income-Generating. The platform connects Global Investors with Asset-linked Token holders.” 

“ASSET CATEGORIES For our Asset Indexed Tokens, the asset categories with the highest trading volume are; 

  • Metals-Miners (such as gold, silver, platinum, diamond and copper, steel, aluminum, iron, nickel) 
  • Energy Products (such as crude oil, natural gas, gasoline, aircraft fuel, LNG, LPG) 
  • Agriculture Products (such as corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, palm, cotton and sugar) 
  • Real Estate Assets (With immovable assets such as fields, land, houses-buildings, commercial real estates, hotels, business centers, hospitals, etc.) 
  • Financial investment instruments( such as “bonds”, “funds” and “sukuk” …) “
  • (Your business must have started at least a year ago to be eligible for Business Investing Funding)
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