The Global Interpreter Line and Connect Process

We install the “FOREIGN CUSTOMER LINE” & on the Web sites, Call Center, Mobile Phones and all social media instruments of sponsor and beneficiary companies. This link on your website will open you up to the world.

Safe & Easy to Set Up

Works very well on all vehicles
We can direct of Global Interpreter Line install to your preferred and used social media instruments and we can support you up for installations
Our Global Interpreter Connect program can connect to any wired or wireless network, with just a simple click on a link.

The Global Interpreter Connect Process

We offer both On-Demand and Pre-Scheduling options.
This is a great alternative when you need to make a call now and don’t have the luxury of time to set this up. This is excellent for short calls, and for when you are in a remote location where in-person interpreting is not a viable option. We Are Available 24 Hours / 7 Days.

You only need to do a handful of things to get started:


We set you up with an Account-It is very Fast & Easy
We assign you a client number.
We provide you a numerically coded List of Languages.
You call anytime, from anywhere, 24 Hours / 7 Days
You make your call, pick your language and get instantly connected!


We set you up with an Account- It is very Fast & Easy.
We assign you a client number.
You let us know what language(s) you need the date and the times.
We send you a confirmation. We set up the interpreters.
All participants click on the link and commence with the interpreting