With the Rapid Worldwide spread of the Corona Virus the business landscape has virtually been turned upside down. The challenges we are facing dictate new solutions. We are communicating some important suggestions and solutions to help you increase your global language options and efficiently adapt and respond to a new environment.
For almost 80 years American Global Translation group has been meeting the communication challenges of a changing world. We fully understand that It is vital for all of us to keep pushing business forward.
Interpreter supported International voice and video calls make it easy to global communications. Before you cancel or reschedule your meetings, events, foreign trade or investing’s…
You can use Global Interpreter Voice & Video-Zoom Services
You can call or meet one-on-one or group meet to your foreign sellers- buyers-clients-persons you want from every language. Global Interpreter Line solution’s will be can installation for a variety of smartphone devices Currently available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, PC (Windows and Mac), Just call and get connected instantly.

The Global Interpreter Line Services

*On your websites
*At your Call Center and Telephone Exchange

*On your mobile phone / WhatsApp / SMS

*On your Business Chat system

*Mailchimp-Constate Contact-Zendesk etc. email designs

*Online / Written Promotion (business card- Brochures-
Advertisements-Announcements-Posters-Newsletters etc.) in your documents
*You can use it in your LinkedIn / YouTube / Instagram / Facebook /
Tweeter etc. social media activities.

Safe & Easy to Set Up

Works very well on all vehicles We can direct of Global Interpreter Line install to your preferred and used social media instruments and we can support you up for installations Our Global Interpreter Connect program can connect to any wired or wireless network, with just a simple click on a link.