Everyone is in a race to provide the fastest information to them targets directly and to make effective promotions. Social media instruments have made it easier to serve everyone all across the globe as well as to carry out purchase/sale transactions.
75% of people prefer to buy products and services in their own languages?
Hundreds of millions of people in every country speak languages other than English, and the demand for qualified professional interpreters is more than ever.
There are large groups of foreign potential clients/buyer/seller reaching hundreds of millions of people who want to know/purchase/sale your Products and services.
First of all, directing these potential clients in to you and providing information to them in their own languages will give you important opportunities.
The availability of the clients’ own languages will show your respect towards them and improves their trust in your brand.

Real Estate Traders/Investors/Advisers/ Brokers/ Agents/ Sellers/Buyers/ Service Providers, it should be able to provide information to their target audiences very quickly and in any language in an efficient and standardized way.
By setting up a global information line target persons or institutions should be able to call in twenty-four hours a day to hear recorded messages on main work topics from any language.
Can you hire minimum 20 customer services representatives each speaking a different language?
Do your employees communicate effectively and confidently enough with foreigner colleagues and customers in this highly-competitive, globalized marketplace?

You need a partner that specializes in understanding and solving the language and cultural challenges of both native and non-native

Our partner/services provider group for almost 80 years American Global Translation company has been meeting the communication challenges of a changing world.