Sponsorship-Beneficiary categories have been prepared for those who want to support the connections with all investors and promote at the highest level. We have been helping affiliates to promote financial products for many years. Affiliates benefit from our GLOBAL FINANCE PLATFORM system which is an easy way to add value to your clients and to provide a great way to promote different financial products.

Our First Service

With SEO services, our websites and global promotional activities direct potential investors to the investment companies’ web sites, exchange screens and to make trial investments. We will provide the opportunity to hold (supported by translator by all languages) teleconference meetings between them Over the Phone Interpreting Audio (Triple) Conference Services Features Available in over 300 languages 24/7, 365 days a year. Investors can directly call sponsors – with the assistance of a translator in their chosen language – for free and with detailed information.

Our second Services

With the “GLOBAL INTERPRETER Support Line” link to be connected on the websites of financial institutions; your customer representatives, experts and brokers (calling or wanted) will be able to speak to your customers in any language. Your prospects or registered customers who call you, with the “GLOBAL INTERPRETER Support Line” link, will receive free interpreter support from you.

Our Third Service

We install the; FOREIGN CUSTOMER LINE- GLOBAL INTERPRETER LINE; on the Websites, Call Center, Mobil Phones and other Social Media instruments of sponsor and beneficiary.
*On your websites
*At your Call Center and Telephone Exchange
*On your mobile phone / WhatsApp / SMS
*On your Business Chat system
*Mailchimp-Constate Contact-Zendesk etc. email designs
*Online / Written Promotion (business card- Brochures-Advertisements-Announcements- Posters-Newsletters etc.) in your documents
*You can use it in your LinkedIn / YouTube / Instagram / Facebook / Tweeter etc. social media activities.

Our fourth Service

Free Message “MY INVEST SUPPORT“ A Business chat system with All Languages. We install the most advanced “Business chat system free of charge on the websites of beneficiaries and sponsors. “Our Business chat system has translators for most languages, ready to translate your messages 24 hours a day, every day of the week.